Luna to the rescue~

so yesterday i wrote about how i am starting a "little princess Luna's barkvice" service for all the fur friends out there. let me explain one more time in case you missed it. if you have a question about anything and need some barkvice (advice), send a pee-mail to: littleprincessluna@yahoo.com. i will answer your question in my daily posts.
we have one question already (very exciting!!) and it reads:

"Dear Princess Luna,
I have a question about Love for you.
What should a big guy like myself do when he sees a beautiful little lady's picture on the internet, and he doesn't know how to get her attention?
She's a real looker and I'm afraid my bigness might scare her off. I really am a gentle kind of guy.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


dearest  Leonardo, 
i suggest you make a cute post on your blog to show how much you think this little lady is special to you. what girl doesn't want the world to know how much she is liked/loved or asked out in this doggie blog world of ours? remember to be creative, romantic and funny. i am very sure that will get her attention!
don't have a blog? maybe create one? take pictures and write about your everyday adventures so she can see the big yet gentle type of guy you really are.
remember that long distance relationships need lots of time, words and pictures.
 i hope this helps!
Good Luck Leonardo~!

so remember, if you need help, don't think twice--send Luna a pee-mail!



Remington said...

Hey! That was my brother writing that!

kissa-bull said...

well if that is remi's brofur wee are furry sure he ish totally handshum like him
we thought your advince was super gweat and cant wait til our mommish submits our question.

pibble sugars to you
the pittie pack

the girls in our pack want you to know that your styling girlfurrend.

3 doxies said...

Miss Luna I can tells you is gonna be reals good at this. You gaves him most excellent advice...but, is he crushing on you by any chance?
I gots to think of a question. I need all kinds of advices really.

Maggie Mae said...

The pittie pack is right, you are styling Miss Luna! I am sure I will be sending you a question soon. Us girls always need good advice from their friends.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Lorenza said...

Hi, Luna!
Good advice for Leonardo!
I am sure he will get to her heart soon!
Kisses and hugs

hero said...

Hey there little princess Luna,

Thanks for dropping by... and how could I resist such a sweet and adorable chi to be my furiend... looking forward to your adventures and worldly advices ;)

Licks, hero

Sallie said...

Great advice!

little princess Luna~ said...

@ remi: really!? no wonder he's a cutie~!

@ the pibble pack: yes--he is indeed very handsome! and thank you--i have to give my mum all the credit for my daily outfits. :)

@ 3 doxies: thank you! i hope to start getting lotsa fun questions and i bet yours will be SUPER fun!

@ maggie mae: i look forward to your questions and thank you! don't hesitate to send me a q on fashion. ;)

@ lorenza: vamos a ver que pasa amigita~!

@ hero: oh why thank you~! i look forward to helping you and please come back soon~!! :)

@ sallie: thank you love~!