sweet "HOT/NOT"~

(please click to see larger version!)
hehehe--how did everyfurry like this fridays edition of "what's hot & what's not"??
now do not get me wrong, i like kitty cats! but, i couldn't help myself when i saw that picture of the pup sitting on mr. cat(it looks like something Puddie Poo would do)!!
well, today the sun is shinning and mum gave me a pawesome treat:
i was lounging around with mr. jiggles when mum said something like, "princess, want some eye cream?" in a high pitched voice. i perked up with my big "minnie  mouse" ears and got all excited because even though i have no idea what she said--it sounded like fun! i followed her to the kitchen and she took out all this yummy food with my heart bowl:
now i was super excited! usually, mum does not allow me to be on the big table or big chairs, but today she let me sit on dads big chair:
what could mummy be up to!? and then--this happened:
"OMD--MUMMY YOU DIDN'T!!" i thought i was dreaming....
and i looked down and that delicious bowl of dessert was still there! i looked up at my mum and she told me to go ahead:
and i num nummed away!!
it was the most nummiest treat ever!! :)
some minutes after--i fell fast asleep.
i was happy and my belly was full!


p.s. tomorrow, Leonardo and i will go on our first date!!


Remington said...

Your poster is funny....
I couldn't believe it Bubbles, you and I like the same treat! Banana splits! We DO have a lot in common! Thank you for liking my brown eyes....you are so kind....Have fun with Leo! Do you know where you are going? Enjoy!

Anya said...

So so cute post
I didn't know that you eat bananas
I think woof woof friends eat almost all ....
we cats not ;)

Have a Happy weekend little Luna
Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

Leonardo said...

Hi My Sweet,
Tomorrow is our big evening and I can hardly wait.

I'm anxiously counting down the hours until our e-date begins. Mom said that her first dinner with Dad was Italian.

See you Tomorrow
Love Leonardo

Draco and his Mom said...

Oh nummers...I love ice cream too. Puppy cookies are ok but I like animal crackers best. Have fun on your date.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Luna!
For now... I am not! I love to put my big butt on my mom's lap!
But... just let me find a kitty and I will be hot!
Your mom made a delicious dessert for you!
Even my mom is drooling here!
Kisses and hugs

Teddy Bear said...

That is a great poster! That is one yummy looking dessert!:)

Teddy Bear

hero said...

That was so yummilicious, Luna... you're a lucky dog... good luck on your date tomorrow.

Licks, hero

Jemma the Chihuahua said...

Tofu says he has to disagree with what's hot this week.

BTW, those are some DELICIOUS foods!

3 doxies said...

OMG...hehehehehehehehe! Luna, you kills me. Now I wouldn't mind sitting on a kitteh kat but that doggie looks kinda confused...hehehe!
How comes all my furiends gets da bestest treats? We do haves those cookies though but NOOOOOO eye cream. Well, my mom has eye cream cuz her is old and needs all da help her can get.