slumber pawty time~

hi everyfurry!
just wanted to let you all know that hopefully the pictures will be posted by 8:30 PM (pacific time/california time)!
mummy has to go to this thing called a "viewing" for her uncle that went to sleep forever....but, she will try very hard to have pictures up by 8:30 PM.



sprinkles said...

So sorry to hear about your mummy's uncle, that's very sad.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the slumber party.

Minna Krebs said...

Oh sweet Luna, your mom has such impawtent things going on this evening. Don't worries your little head. We will be around to pawty tonite and evens tomorrow! That is the good thing bout BlogVille...we cans make our own time and have funs 'whenever'


Dory and the Mama said...

We can pawty without pictures...tell your Mama no worries, family first!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory and Jacob

A MilShelb Mom said...

We are sorry about her uncle! Tell her not to worry... you know us, we're all ALWAYS up for a good party!!
~Milly and Shelby

Remington said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mommys uncle. No problem in blogland -- we are in no hurry....family comes first!

Deborah said...

AWWW, I'm sorry about your Mom's uncle. We are sending your Mom and family lots of hugs from all of us.
Have fun tonight guys and I'll be back in the morning to see how late everyone stayed up to!

Asta said...

We awe sending hugs and soothing smoochies to youw Mommi fow hew loss
thank hew fow having the pawty anyways
smoochie kisses

Mr. Pip said...

Oh Luna - we are so sorry ...and don't worry about us, we will make our own fun until you get back!

Puddes, where are the cheeseburgers ...I mean rice cakes!

Frankie Furter said...

Luna, Please tell your mom how sorry am am to hear about her uncle. Do Not let her worry about Us... take care of herself. We are right here and we have TONS and TON of patience.

3 doxies said...

Oh Luna, tells your mum I am so sorry bouts her Uncle..I sends her big huggies. And don't worry bout us...we's here.

Hey PIP...I gots your stuffs you ordered. We keeps it on da down low though....hehehehehe! Wheres my beers?


Mr. Pip said...

Meet me out back. I have your beers. My mom made me bring some light beers said they go with the rice cakes. Uggh ... But after she dropped me off at the airport, I picked up some good stuff to go with the cheeseburgers.


Maggie Mae said...


Such sad news abouts your mom's uncle. Puppy prayers and luvs are heading your way. Remington is right, family comes first, we can and will wait!
Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh, We's sorry about yous Uncle~
We's say our pawrayers..
Should we put Puddles in charge until yous come back??

Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

Mr. Pip said...

Hi all - while we are waiting for Luna to get back, I have another sad announcement ...my dear, lovely Molly had to cancel her trip because she is quite ill. I am so so sad for her and her mom. Please pop over to Molly's blog and wish her well and send lots of prayers and healing thoughts!

Molly, we love you!

the booker man said...

oh, miss luna, please woof to your mama that we are sorry about her uncle. don't worry about us cuz we are good at makin' our own entertainments while we wait! teehee.
the booker man

Teddy Bear said...

We are so sorry to hear about your Mommy's Uncle. We are excited to see your pictures.:)

Teddy Bear

Aksharaa said...

Dear dahlin luna,
we are so sorry about your mommy's uncle.give her our hugs and licks.
we missed your slumber pawty!but we so very much want to see your pictures.
will wait for them...
Gin n Bud