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can you tell me why mum keeps calling me "superpup" after our morning walk??

note from ms. j: puddies asked if used photoshop in this picture and i in fact did....NOT. :)
i am proud to say that my little munchkin minnie mouse eared chi was so happy to be out this morning, she was literally jumping in the air like a bunny and running everywhere. i happen to get this lucky shot of her in the air--though it is not as sharp and detailed as i would have liked...but it's cute.


Zona said...

WOW! Miss Luna to the resccccueeeee!!! (Was the grass wet and you didn't want to get it on your cute little paws? Hehee)


Amy and The House of Cats said...

We can even hear the superhero music in our heads when we see that picture! Princess Luna to the Rescue!!

Remington said...

You are like Wonder Woman! Too cool!

Mr. Pip said...

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Princess Luna!

Your pal, Pip

Benny and Lily said...

It's Underdog super hero!!! BOL
Benny & Lily

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Whoa Luna....that's a lot of air you got under there!! SUPER LUNA!!

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

Rebecca and Daisy Mae said...

Luna -
I know why your Mum is calling you super pup! You look like your going to go rescue her in that bounding and flying pose.
Daisy Mae

3 doxies said...

Holy Fly Girl...puuuuuleeze tell me dat was photo shop...and I thought I could fly.
You go girl!


Two Pitties in the City said...

I was thinking a pink Wonder Woman.

Frankie Furter said...

You be TAKIN' OFF girrrrl.

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Super Pup LUNA. My mom find it very hard to take photos of me in action. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Teddy Bear said...

Love the photo, Luna!

Teddy Bear

the booker man said...

oh, miss luna! you are flyin' in your hot pink dress! i just love it!! :)
the booker man

Life with 5 dogs said...

Love the SuperHero Pictures Luna!

sprinkles said...

Now all you need is a cape!

road-dog-tales said...

We thought photoshop, too! That's a cool trick, Luna!
The Road Dogs

Sequoia & Petunia said...


Super Luna!

Lorenza said...

Super Luna!
You can fly!
That is pawesome!
Kisses and hugs

Life With Dogs said...

Great capture - I love those four off the floor shots! :)

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Luna, you can FLY!!!


Jemma the Chihuahua said...

Now you are just missing some wings and you're good to go :)

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

Ahh, you are a heroine Princess Luna.
Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx