luna bear~

 it is getting really REALLY cold, so mum decided to go out and buy me (another) a velvet scarf and a teddy bear hat to keep my big ears and little head warm when we go out. i'm not sure about my hat but i love my scarf and it's my favorite colour: Pink! 
oh, didn't you  know? velvet scarfs are all t he rage this winter season!! *wink*


results w/ pictures~

poppa called mr. doctors office yesterday and was told that the poopie tests came out negative. sid has no parasites but is somehow losing weight all of a sudden....now sid has to go back to get some blood drawn. poppa and mum are REALLY worried now and are hoping for the best. as much as he is a bully to me, i still love him and don't want anything bad to happen to him!!
this is a little late, but i HAVE to share!
remember that howl-o-ween pawty at petsmart where i won 1st place? 
TADA! here are the pictures:
(mrs. fairy and a few others [see below].)
(mr. police officer, mr. felon and mrs. skeleton.)
(mr. boo scarf.)
(mr. police officer--he sniffed my butt a few times and i ran into mums arms.)
(miss golfer.)
(miss banana split. she was mum's favorite--Hey! I Am Mum's Favorite!!)
(click for larger version)
(and then there was little ol' me dressed up as a fuzzy witch--cute one, might i add. *wink*)


ho ho ho~

yes i know Christmas has been over--but i can't help it!
(please click for larger version!)
in other news, sid is doing fine. he is getting used to not having his two amigos around and he doesn't have to wear the "cone of shame" anymore. we are still waiting to hear back from mr. doctor to see what he found in sid's chocolate slushies. we are all so anxious!!


cone of shame....~

he doesn't look too happy, does he?
sid got surgery a couple weeks ago (that's why he is wearing the cone of shame) to get rid of his "tennis balls". sid was not too happy about that, but poppa said that it is a rule we haves to follow. mum and poppa took him to the doctors house today to get his stitches removed and to have mr. doctor examine him because he has been sneezing alot and pooping chocolate slushies. mr. doctor gave him some medicine and he will call us tomorrow to let us know what he found in sids poopie.
poor sid! always in the doctors house....


lights, santa paws, and candy canes--oh my ~

a couple days before Christmas, mum, poppa and i decided to go out to see this cool neighborhood very close to us called, "candy cane lane". its something we do every year. this would be my second year. sid and coco couldn't come because sid is feeling ill (more on that in a later post) and poppa didn't want sid to feel lonely, so we left coco home to take care of him.
i am so excited to share "candy cane lane" with all my furiends from around the world--i hope you like it as much as i did!!
ready to go mum!
bye-bye candy cane lane--i'll see you again next year!!


all the way from California....~

(please click for larger version)
a Merry Christmas to all my furiends from the little princess Luna clan~!!
(i promise more pictures in the future!)


happy veterans day~!!

(Sergeant Stubby [1916 or 1917 – March 16, 1926], was the most decorated war dog of World War I and the only dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat. )
mum, dad, coco, sid and i would like to thank and remember all the brave men, women and canines that serve(d) our country!!


wordless/lazy wed~

PS. we will return to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow....


Happy Howl-o-ween~

(click to see larger version please!)


My Howl-o-ween Birthday Pawty~

welcome everyfurry!
so glad you could make it to my birthday bash tonight!!
please help yourselves to all the yummy treats and refreshments:

so shall we see who cam over tonight?? lets!!
it's sweet Ruthie (candycorn)--hope nofurry mistakes her as a treat from the treat bar. hehe.
beautiful Sallie a la arabian nights, made it with her faithful bodyguard Alien.
look! Neeko (the waiter) is here with his sister and brofur:
(miss ChiChi the cheerleader)
(Leo the lady[man]bug)
GinGin and Bud brought me some nice gifts! thank you!!
and we have my favorite kittehs in the house:
(Barney the busy bee)
(Kirzon the pumpkin pie)
(Lola the cute as a button witch)
(Virgil the handsome devil w/ mr. mouse)
runway models in the house! Ruby and Penny made it with their hubby:
count Fwankyla!
and we can't forget flutter by cousin Fwancine:
Magie Mae--my most favorite western boxer of them all!! you're here!!
having a nice conversation with Ollie and Bella are we??
Sallie! it looks like your boyfuriend is here with his brofur and sister:
watch out everyfurry--George is here:
omd George you sure did give me a scare!!
and who is this cute little fella? doesn't he belong in the Lion King with timon and pumba??
oh why it's Pip! i was getting worried that you wouldn't make it--come on and join in on the fun!!
(tomorrows picture will show off my witch costume better!)
im so glad you could all make it! you've made my birthday so special, thank you!!!!
and i loved everyfurries pictures--you are all so adorable!!