Always wear expensive shoes, people notice~

hi furends~!
mum took me out for a walk in my new sandals today. it has been a while since it last rained around here so i had to get used to having shoes on/walking in them and let's just say she was having a little too much fun laughing AT me--not WITH me. but after a few steps i was running in my sandals--piece of cake for this little fashionista pup. *wink*
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wordless wed~

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tiptoe, tiptoe~

hi furends~!
summer is here and with summer, we look forward to sunny temperatures and blazing hot streets and sidewalks....that my tootsies DON'T have to walk on. *wink*
why and how do you ask?
feast your eyes on these little paw savers:
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i don't usually wear anything on my paws (except for some booties i have that come in handy when it rains--that's for a future post though, hehe.) but mum got me these sandals just in case i ever have to walk when it's a little steamy outside....
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aren't they pretty?


no time to snooz(er)~!!

hi furends~!
guess what??
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something really cool came in the mail today--my pink "buddy bicycle basket" from snoozer~!
in less than 5 minutes, my basket was set and ready on mum's mountain bicycle:
mum strapped me in and put my polka dot hat and doggles on me:
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mum took me around the neighborhood for a good 3 hours (with potty and water breaks of course) and i enjoyed every second of the ride~! mum said that we are going to do this every evening from now on and i am not complaining. :)
ps. next time we will try to get a video of me and my basket in action.


snacks galore~!!

wow~! two posts about myself on one day--aren't you guys lucky?? *wink*
so mum, being the genius that she is, decided she was really bored and asked me to help her with a "snack contest" and i being the polite princess that i am--agreed (eventhough i am supposed to be on a diet):
hope you enjoyed this little clip--i must say, i look rather gorgeous behind the camera....


this is what happens when it's a KAZILLION degrees outside....
[no i'm not dead--just taking a beauty nap.]
miss J side note: dear little princess Luna furiends, i deeply apologize for not keeping you updated with the latest. i have been SUPER DUPER busy, but i do miss blogging about my little one and reading up on Luna's friends--so i will try VERY hard to write on here more often.