i'll be back soon~

please don't forget me furends!!


c'est vendredi~

*note from ms.J: hi pups and kits--i apologize for not getting around to all the blogs! 
having scooby over is keeping me busy. he is MUCH better. he is starting to open up: attempting to play w/ luna's stuffy's, eating all his dindin, wagging his tail, and no more whining. the only thing i can't get him to do is have a snack or two when "cookie time" rolls around in the day. i tried greenies, chicken treats, beggin' strips, peanut butter, 3 dogs bakery carob chip cookies and vanilla sandwich cookies--doesn't want anything. oh! except string cheese! he does like string cheese. but it's funny how picky he is, and here i thought luna was picky....


louis louis louisdog~

guess what the mailman brought us today? a box for me! and inside that box was this organic towel set and toy:
Oui oui mes amis pour moi!
the towels are so soft and a perfect size to wrap me in after my baths! we recommend these to everyfurry, especially if you have sensitive skin like me:


sugarpie & scooby snacks~

mum has been a tad too busy w/ a visitor, so she hasn't had a chance to take a picture of me....but we did bring a game for sugar's birthday party:
(mum and i hope that is ok w/ sugar....)
so the little visitor that is keeping mum busy is:
no, not chewbacca--my brofur, scooby!
we are going to puppysit scooby for 2 weeks because his mum (my dads cousin) is on vacation in this far away place called el salvador. scooby came home last night and he cried ALL night. he has been crying because he misses his mum, but we are trying to comfort him as best we can. i even tried to play with him but he is still shy. even though mum did miss out on a lot of  Z's last night, she is being patient and giving scooby lots of love (im soooo jealous) in hopes that he will soon pep up and not cry so much (note from ms. j: especially at night--haha).


le lundi paresseux....~

translation: "lazy monday...." ;)


Sid's saturday~

hi theres! sid here!!
i wanna show y'alls how manly of a dude i am. i am so manly that i ain't afraids of the waters:
can y'alls tell that this be MY side of the park behind the house? it be my "manly dude chill outs and think of puddles, bones, treats, how to kill squirrels and ways to get in troubles" spot(s). it be all yellow just the way i likes it. i drink lotsa waters and i works hard to keeps it yellow, but it ain't appreciated 'cause dad's always trying to makes it green....with smelly poo and stuffs. it ok though 'cause i likes to roll in it and show my pawrents how cool i looks dirty. they says "there be no hopes for this 'mucky pup'." :)

i really love shorts~

nothing super special--just wanna show everufurry my new outfit:
this is officially one of my most favorite louisdog outfits--thanks mummy!!
(oh! and it's from their organic line too.)


double troubles~

so last night i channeled my inner puddles/sid and decided to rip up some napkins while mum and dad went to 7eleven. oh! and mum left a little bit of cereal in a bowl on the desk too, so i helped myself to the milk. 
well, when my pawrents came home i was very happy to see them but, mum told me i was a "bad girl--no no you bad girl! you don't eat mummy's food--go to your bed!!" she picked up the napkins i shredded and asked me, "what is this--huh??" i looked away because i knew i was in trouble. after a few seconds i gave her "the puppy eyes":
but it didn't work. she was still mad....i had to sit in a time out for a loooong time: 5 minutes!!
but, was it worth it? i must admit that it was.


sorpresa #2~

hi theres furends! sid heres!!
  • coco: hey! don't forget about me! sheesh....
  • luna: MUUUUM--sid called me a "princess pink barf" again and he's on my blog--i better not find white hairs and slobber on it.
  • sid: liars furs on fire!! and i'll even toot on it if it will makes you happy! HAHAHAHA!! well anyhows, barfypants ain't the only one that gots to pick out pressies. I sended a pressie to my puddles piddles duddles diddley doo dums somefurry as wells--and it's waaaay cooler too!!
  • luna: sid, you have no fashion sense or know what girls like. all you do is eat, sleep and poo. 
  • sid: i poos on you.
  • luna: you'ra a jerk! 
  • sid: i know.
  • luna: *grrrr* well, remember how you were asking me for barkvice? i'm not going to help you anymore!
  • sid: i am a manly dude that likes getting cuts/bruises and rolling in the dirt and tackling cocos and knows what girls like! i done it all by myselves!! i don't needs a hairy gremlins help!! maybe only dads....
  • luna: MUUUUM--sid called me a "gremlin" again!!
  • sid: liars furs on fires!! and anyways, dad calls you that too!
  • luna: not anymore because mummy told him that it hurts my feelings, and anyways, he loves me.
  • sid: w/e short stuff--he loves bullies more.
  • luna: MUUUUM!!!!
  • coco: omd....someone save me....




mummy and i went to the mall.
first, we stopped at nordbarks (nordstrom).
i helped her pick out some stylish pieces. i must have done a great job because she ended up taking everything that i suggested. am i good or what? *wink*
then we went to just paws pet store and looked around, but nothing really caught our attention.
it is intersting how people react to us when we go to the mall in my stroller. a few people think it's adorable, some think it is bizarre, while most feel that it's silly and make fun....but we don't pay attention to the negative people. mum and i love my stroller and that is all that matters. :)



somefurry is getting pressies soon!!

thoughtful/lazy monday~

fwanky's wedding is coming up soon and it has me thinking....
if fwanky can have two girrrrls (doxie sisters), then, can i have two boooys (newfie brothers)??
ms. j: luna!! stop thinking of naughty things--you are going to get yourself into trouble!! silly princess....