not so wordless & very glam~

i am sorry, but, i have to get on my blog!!
(buuuut, please don't forget to say "hi" to my big sister coco!!)
how does everyfurry like my new outfit?! it is by my favorite designer louisdog and it is waaaay chic. i really feel like the beverly hills chihuahua chloe in this outfit! *sigh* i wish i could be a movie star like her....


coco in da house~

coco here everyfurry! luna said i could write in her blog today and boy is that cool! :)
so, first of all i wanna say a big "THANK YOU" to everyfurry that sent me pawsome wishes to get well. i am happy to say that i feel soooo much better--all the TLC i am getting has really helped me on the road to recovery! (if you are a new furend of my little sister, and have no idea what happened to me, CLICK HERE.)
today, i wanna share a video of me--check out my pawsome paws and skills w/ this rope toy thingy :

how cool am i??
before i go, here is a picture of me (playing w/ dad sure did tucker me out):


just not fair....~

seriously, this is very unfair--i just got groomed this weekend!! a little stink and dust never hurt anyone....but mum disagrees:



pawsome awards+video~

hi everyfurry!
i think it's time to name the next lucky furends(--yes, furend w/ an "s") that are going to recieve the "little princess Luna's PAWSOME Award"!
and the first "wiener" is....
my giant dust bunny remicakes!
and now, for the next "wiener"....
my sassy little shnitzel puddie poo!
aaaand now our third "wiener"....
my two cutie pattootie hot dogs (w/ out buns) milshelbs!
CONGRATS PUPS--i hope you will display your award proudly on your bloggies!! :)
there are still many more furends that i want to give my award to--will YOU be next?? you might be. but, until then, please enjoy this silly video of me gently playing "nippy, snorty, nip" w/ my mummy:




are those for little ol' me??
mummy--look! this one is from Leo!!
i wonder what he sent me??
help me a little mum--i bet i will love it!!
my fluff ball sent me a super adorable blankie, a card, his hunky picture and a little black box! my little chi heart was beating 1000+ little beats per second as my mum read his sweet card to me.
what could possibly be in that little black box with the "fine sterling silver jewelry" print??
O. M. D.
LEO! you didn't!! i am on cloud 9--how super romantic!!!!
i can't wait to wear a new pretty collar with this beautimous piece of jewelry after i visit the groomer lady this weekend.
oh, Leo you know how to make a girl feel so very special!! ♥
(here is my mum's gift--a brand new bed! thankies mummy!)
Leo, i ♥♥♥♥ you with all my little heart!!

p.s.  luna's mum here! please excuse the alien eyes on my little luna!
(stupid flash)


barkvice #3 w/ Fashion 101~

yesterday i was kindly asked for some barkvice on fashion:
"Princess Luna - you are more adorable everyday! Can you give me some fashion advice? I need something that will make me look young and hip.
Your pal, Pip

my cutie patootie yorkie furend Pip,
after reviewing some of your gorg pictures on your blog--i decided that blue would be a great color for you because you're a dude and it is a manly color. plus, your tan, silver, and black hair would be complimented nicely with blue. i also chose one piece of clothing in a burgundy w/ grey. the burgundy will look great with the tan in your hair. i can guarantee  that the following pieces of clothing will make you feel and look both young and hip! 
oh! and by the way, the poodles won't be able to keep their eyes off of you! *wink*
so, what do you think mr. hip Pip?? i hope this barkvice helped you!!



la "fashion 101" c'est fabuleux~

as everyfurry knows--i love fashion!
i am sure that there are a lot of girl pups out there that would love some barkvice (remember you can pee-mail me with any questions!) as far as what's chic, so mum and i will start to randomly do "little princess Luna's Fashion 101" posts.
today will be our first and we hope everyfurry enjoys:
isn't that just cute!? if mum can do it with her hooman clothes--than so can i!!
so, when you mix these two together (or some pieces similair) you get:
C'est très à la mode, non?



âllo, âllo?~

everyfurry--i am back (mum too)!
i have missed you all so furry much!!!!
mum and i apologize for being away. you see, mum was kinda lacking the picture inspirations and felt like her photography sucked as of late. but i talked to her and she is all betters now--she remodeled my blog, made a new "little princess Luna's PAWSOME Award" and even took a new picture of me nekkid (please excuse my unruly fur--i will be visiting the groomer lady this weekend):
now speaking of awards--i would like to announce the lucky pup to recieve my "PAWSOME" award.
and the 2nd winner is....
my smushy face Hero the sharpei--félicitations!!
i can't wait to pick the next lucky "wiener"--you might be next! :)



forget me not~



wordless wed~

....i am dreaming about playing w/ all my blog furends....shhhh.....



thinking of you....~

i wonder what my big fluff ball Leo is doing?



late spring cleaning~

mum was going through my clothes and found some items that she would like to sell. if you are interested in any of these items--please send me and mum a pee-mail to: littleprincessluna@yahoo.com for more details and how to pay for your purchase(s).
(please click on pictures to see larger size.)
item #1 is a pink rockstar vest to keep you warm in the winter or during chilly afternoons. this cute vest is waaaay too big for me. mum found an XS that fits me much better.
details: SMALL, 12" in length, velcro snaps for easy on and off, brand new w/ out tags.
price: $5.99+2.99 shipping.
item #2 is a spoiled princess t-shirt. let everyfurry/body know YOU are the spoiled princess of the house. this shirt is too big for me.
details: SMALL, 11.5" in length, has 3 jems on the crown, used a couple times but still like new.
price: $2.99+2.99 shipping.
this tank was actually in the kitteh cat section at the pet store. :)
details: SMALL, 6.5" in length, 5 pink jems on crown, used but in good condition!
price: $1.99+2.99 shipping.
you're a green pup and proud of it--let everyfurry/one know!!
details: SMALL?, 8.5" in length, used but in good condition!
price: $1.99+2.99 shipping.

we are hoping somefurrys will be enjoying these pieces of clothing soon--happy shopping~!!



& the winner is....~

yesterday i was very upset at my mum because she went out and left me behind. boy oh boy was i ever mad--until i saw these goodies that she brought home for me:
bowow! a bomber jacket, chewnel bag and chewy vuton bag!
thank you mummy!!
recieving awards is so pawsome--isn't it? (we hope to get more in the future!!) that being said, mum and i came up with our very own "little princess Luna's PAWSOME Award!" last night. we would love to present our first winner for the "Pawsome Award"!
and the winner is....
my super sweet wiggle butt MAGGIE MAE!!
congrats you sweetest boxer of them alls!! ♥

who will be the next "weiner"??



afternoon delight~

first of all--a big thank you to everyfurry that commented the picture on my last post. you all  made me blush with your lovely compliments!
mum took me for a walkie yesterday and she took a short video of our stroll around the neighborhood. since mum was going to take a video, i had to wear my pink harness just in case i see some other pups, she can control me better. sometimes i can be a bad princess and not listen when she tells me to "come":
now, is everyfurry ready to go? have your leashes and harnesses on? ok then....
(please click "let's go!"--mum can't post my video for some reason....)

see? i can be a little brat and not listen when mum calls my name(s). oh! and i started to pull her so she could hurry it up because i saw some pups and wanted to catch up to them--but unfortunately you couldn't see them in the video. :(
(aaaand mum wants to apologize because she was wearing some baggy clothes that were definitely not chic.)
the walk wasn't vey exciting, but i hope everyfurry enjoyed our afternoon stroll in my california neighborhood!



happy bandana day~

i was invited to participate in the 2nd annual bandana day (didn't HAVE to wear a bandana--anything red was ok) over at The Portuguese Water Blog and boy was i more than happy to! this year's color is red, last year's was blue. i quickly asked mum to pick out something red for me to wear and submitted my picture to my new furends fudge and co. a couple days ago. what does everyfurry think?? :)



wordless wed~



konnichi wa tomodachi!~

today mum and i went out for a stroll. we passed by a neighbors home and i saw a familiar face:
her name is "chumpaw" and she is a shiba inu. 
doesn't she have an interesting name? mum and i are not sure what her name means, but it sure does sound like fun. we sniffed each other and ran together back and forth (sorry no video or good pictures.). 
then, she got a little too happy and tried to sneak out:
i finally had to say "bye bye" and we continued our stroll through the neighborhood. she was a little sad to see us go, but we will most likely see her again tomorrow during our walk. 
does anyfurry else have furends that they visit when they go on walks??


p.s. i will ask mum to take a video of our stroll someday. :)


sharing can be hard....~

now i am not one to mind sharing--well, sort of--but this is just crossing the line:
coco! that is MY little bed and you're going to smash up it's fluffiness!
geez....she has her own jumbo bed. why does she always take mine?!
i guess i'll let it slide this time because you're still getting better.



"hot/not" & award~

it's that pawsome day everyfurry (or at least daddi) loves--friday! what is a friday anyway?? is it a day when people would eat fries?? and because of that they started calling it friday?? well, the most important things is that today is my "what's hot & what's not" post:
 (please click to see larger version!)
in other exciting news, i got an award! it's from milly and shelby over at the milshelb.life:
  thank you so very very muches ladies!! i didn't know you two likes me so much!! :)
talk about a pawsome friday (and without fries)!!



i love my....~

sometimes i wonder if i am the only furkid out there that just can't play with one toy. usually, my toys are neatly put away in my little louisdog toy basket, but once i get a hold of them--i have to play with all of them! mummy gets a little upset with me because i make a mess. but i look at her and tell her, "it's just a little mess mum!" i think it works because she picks me up, hugs me real tight and gives me kisses on top of my head.
i really love my mum and my (growing collection of) toys!



silly rabbit, tricks are for pups~

not only am i a cutie pie (or so you all have told me) but i am super smart too! check out this video mum took of me last night being super smart! i am soooo smart, sometimes i am way ahead of dad:

how do you like that?? *wink*
oh! and i got a cookie afterward. 



barkvice #2~

extra extra--read all about it! 
luna has gotten her 2nd question for her pawsome barkvice (super exciting!):
dearest milly and shelby,
i personally love greenies! i have a big bucket of them. my mum gives me one "teenie" greenie almost everyday and i devour it in seconds!
here is some video proof (being that this is the first time mum records me, i was a little shy.):

i totally suggest them and i think they are a yummy and healthy treat that all pets should have at least everyday.
greenies are dental chews made to help us pups and meows control harmful tartar and plaque build up in our prettyful teeth and they make our breaths fresh--so that means more kisses from mum and dad! they have vitamins and minerals, taste yummy, and come in 5 different sizes. For more detailed information click here.
i say ask your mummy to buy you gals each a greenie (they only start at .79cents and up for an individual greenie) and try them --you'll never know if you like them or not until you try them!
i hope this helps!!