Happy Howl-o-ween~

(click to see larger version please!)


My Howl-o-ween Birthday Pawty~

welcome everyfurry!
so glad you could make it to my birthday bash tonight!!
please help yourselves to all the yummy treats and refreshments:

so shall we see who cam over tonight?? lets!!
it's sweet Ruthie (candycorn)--hope nofurry mistakes her as a treat from the treat bar. hehe.
beautiful Sallie a la arabian nights, made it with her faithful bodyguard Alien.
look! Neeko (the waiter) is here with his sister and brofur:
(miss ChiChi the cheerleader)
(Leo the lady[man]bug)
GinGin and Bud brought me some nice gifts! thank you!!
and we have my favorite kittehs in the house:
(Barney the busy bee)
(Kirzon the pumpkin pie)
(Lola the cute as a button witch)
(Virgil the handsome devil w/ mr. mouse)
runway models in the house! Ruby and Penny made it with their hubby:
count Fwankyla!
and we can't forget flutter by cousin Fwancine:
Magie Mae--my most favorite western boxer of them all!! you're here!!
having a nice conversation with Ollie and Bella are we??
Sallie! it looks like your boyfuriend is here with his brofur and sister:
watch out everyfurry--George is here:
omd George you sure did give me a scare!!
and who is this cute little fella? doesn't he belong in the Lion King with timon and pumba??
oh why it's Pip! i was getting worried that you wouldn't make it--come on and join in on the fun!!
(tomorrows picture will show off my witch costume better!)
im so glad you could all make it! you've made my birthday so special, thank you!!!!
and i loved everyfurries pictures--you are all so adorable!!


don't forget everyfurry!!~

don't forget tomorrow will be my howl-o-ween themed birthday pawty!! i look forward to seeing everyfurries costumes/fall themed pictures!! it's going to be soooo fun!!
last weekend mum took me to the Petsmart Halloween Pawty and guess what? i won "Best Halloween Costume"! my prize you ask? check it out:
a big bucket of my most favorite treats: GREENIES!!
(mum took pictures of the petsmart event--but i will show them to you after my pawty tomorrow. if i show them to you today, then you'll see my costume--heehee.)


howl-o-ween/birthday pawty 101~

the weather has been fabulous--cloudy w/ a side of showers. nice and cool! perfect fall weather!! mummy has been busy working on my howl-o-ween costume. did you know that she has been sewing a lot lately? that is probably whyyyy she isn't on top of my bloggy--but she promises to update it during the week and at times in the weekends.
some of you have asked about my howl-o-ween/birthday pawty--click on the pawty flyer for information:
P.S. please note that the pawty date has been changed from the 23rd to the 30th. *wink*


new pawty date~

it's been a while since the last time i wrote in my blog--i hope i have not been forgotten.
i only have my mum to blame for not logging me into my blog! i am so upset with her!! i got a bath AND she has been lazy about updating my blog:
i sure have missed reading everyfurry's blogs. :(
mum and i had a serious chat and she said she promises to update my blog on a daily basis again.
also--there has been a change in the pawty date:
i hope nofurry has forgotten!!!!


wordless/hairy friday~

note from miss J: my little princess i soooo in need of a HAIRCUT!! however, i am saving up so luna and i can go see my mother in kansas for thanksgiving. hopefully, she will get her furcut next weekend. :)