someone turn on the AC!!~

hi everyfurry!!
sorry we haven't been on!! the heat totally had us on "lazy mode" again. boy oh boy was it hot a couple days ago--it went up to 113!! but it has cooled down again. yesterday, mr. sun slept in, but today he is out and about:
we are looking forward to saying HELLO to the fall weather and GOODBYE to the summer heat!
hope everyfurry is staying cool!!


getting my TAN on~

hi everyfurry!
so mum is still feeling blue, but, mr. sun did come out today. i took advantage of this and sunbathed on top of some freshly washed clothes. mum wasn't too happy about me laying there because she said i was going to wrinkle it--but instead of "shooing" me away--she took a picture. mum is so weird....
i also want to say that i read EVERYFURRYS blogs. i know i don't comment on everyfurrys blogs at times but that is because:
1. i have soooo many furends now (and i am LOVING it) that it is VERY hard to comment each and every single one sometimes.
2. mum gets lazy/sick.
i hope you all understand and please know that me and mum and sid and coco love you all very VERY much and feel that we are blessed to have you all as furends!!!!


wordless/yummy wed~



cloudy day w/ a dash of sniffles~

hi furends! 
mum is so sorry that we haven't been to any blogs these past days. she is feeling under the weather and just wants to rest up. she has the sniffles, but she is making an effort to post today and visit as many blogs as possible.
mr. sun decided to sleep in today because all i see are clouds. it's a nice break from the hot weather that had come back. mum says it definitely feels more like fall.
if you are feeling the sickies or are feeling blue--i hope this silly picture of me brings you a smile (it worked for my mum):
i was helping mum with the laundry. :)


walk on the wild side~

it's not super hot anymore and mum finally took me out for an afternoon stroll!
here i am pretending i am on the cat walk. what do you think? model material??
i already received a picture for my "birthday/month howl-o-ween pawty" and i can't wait to see many more cute pictures of my furends!! 
ps. btw, if you are attending my pawty, you kinda have to send me a pressie: i am a size XS or S, measure up to 12" (shoulders to bum) and i weigh 6 lbs. and my favorite colour is pink--heehee. *wink*
LUNA MUM: naughty little princess!! pressies are OPTIONAL!!


shall we muttser mash??~

guess what?? my barkday is coming up in the month of october! i am going to be 2 years old!
mum does not know exactly what day i was born on, so we just chose a random day to celebrate this year:
won't you join me on this pawsome day??
it's gonna be so much fun!
have your pawrent(s) take some fall/howl-o-ween type pictures and pee-mail them to: littleprincessluna@yahoo.com
COSTUMES are not mandatory, but definitely welcome!!
i am still not sure what i am going to dress up as this year (last year i was a "dogzilla"--heehee.)....any ideas furends?? :)
i hope everyfurry can come!!!!


lazy bones~

me!? no, not me--my MUM!!
i can't believe she hasn't been doing much of anything as of late. i'm going to have to have SERIOUS talk w/ her regarding her lazy ways.
lots of furends asked me what i did during this time off. really want to know?? ok, here goes: NOTHING.
it was far too hot for pictures/outings and the heat made us all super sluggish and not very creative--especially mum. but the weather is starting to cool down, so i am sure mum is gonna start pulling the camera out everytime i sleep, walk, drink, poop, sit and sneeze.
warning: expect more pictures of moi.
PS. my birthday is coming up and mum wants to celebrate halloween style. just a heads up everyfurry! *wink*
details will be announced soon.


i missed everfurry~!!

miss me??
what did i miss everyfurry?
let me in on the latest news~!!