memorial day~

today is memorial day.
mum, dad and i went to the beach and we paid our respects to the fallen soldiers that fought for our country. dad also said that some of those little white crosses represent some of his friends that have passed away because of the war in iraq. the red crosses are for soldiers that passed away in afghanistan.
here are some pictures mum took (i stayed out of them because it's not about me today). click on the pictures to see larger versions please.
and let us not forget all our war pups:

p.s. i hope everyfurry is having a safe holiday!


our 1st date~

saturday (yesterday) was my first date with my boyfurend Leonardo. it was the best and most romantic date ever!
in the morning, mum and i woke up early and we were off to the groomer lady. after she picked me up, we went shopping for a new pretty dress. we had a little bite to eat for lunch and went home. she helped me get ready and told me to relax. i was so nervous that Leo would not like my new dress!
finally the time had come and i waited out (with mum) for Leo to pick me up:
my goodness--talk about being super nervous!
then i heard a loud rumble....
it was Leonardo and he looked so handsome in his tie!!
he said hello to my mum and we were off to his house for our dinner date:
there was a mr. butler dog at the front door. he escorted us inside and there was a most beautimous setting:
Leo had the most highest quality beef broth and gorgeous pink roses for me! his butler set everything up and we both sat down. Leo told me had a surprise for me and when i looked down there was a small gift waiting to be opened:
i quickly opened it! oh my! for me!?
(chanel earrings--i was speechless!)
mr. butler dog served us our dinner (compliments to chef Elena!) and we enjoyed a plate of spaghetti. it was like it came straight from the finest restaurant in italy--it was simply delish!
we laughed about Leonardo's favorite squeaky chicken and talked about his boy Connor while mr. butler dog served dessert:
my favorite--pink berry fluff!
num num nummy!!
"together furever!"
we ended our dinner date with a toast to our newfiexchi love and after a few sips, we went on a romantic stroll:
our stroll reminded me of the stroll on "lady and the tramp".
it was full of love and chi kisses and newfie sweet nothings!!
Leo took me home later on that night and i lay so very in love on my little pink bed:
dreaming of more wonderful dates in the near future....

thank you for the most wonderful time ever Leonardo!
i love you with with all my little paws!!

♥Your little princess luna


it was the BEST~

tonight i went on my first dinner date with my newfie boyfurend Leonardo and i had the best time of my life!!
i will go into detail tomorrow with LOTS of pictures. *wink*



sweet "HOT/NOT"~

(please click to see larger version!)
hehehe--how did everyfurry like this fridays edition of "what's hot & what's not"??
now do not get me wrong, i like kitty cats! but, i couldn't help myself when i saw that picture of the pup sitting on mr. cat(it looks like something Puddie Poo would do)!!
well, today the sun is shinning and mum gave me a pawesome treat:
i was lounging around with mr. jiggles when mum said something like, "princess, want some eye cream?" in a high pitched voice. i perked up with my big "minnie  mouse" ears and got all excited because even though i have no idea what she said--it sounded like fun! i followed her to the kitchen and she took out all this yummy food with my heart bowl:
now i was super excited! usually, mum does not allow me to be on the big table or big chairs, but today she let me sit on dads big chair:
what could mummy be up to!? and then--this happened:
"OMD--MUMMY YOU DIDN'T!!" i thought i was dreaming....
and i looked down and that delicious bowl of dessert was still there! i looked up at my mum and she told me to go ahead:
and i num nummed away!!
it was the most nummiest treat ever!! :)
some minutes after--i fell fast asleep.
i was happy and my belly was full!


p.s. tomorrow, Leonardo and i will go on our first date!!


random hot mess~

today mum and i are going to post some random pictures that never made it in past entry's. 
it's drizzling outside and it is cold w/ cloudy on the side. 
i hope everyone is having a great day!
on to the pictures:

DON'T FORGET: tomorrow is my "what's hot/what's not" friday post! :)



mum is in love with black and white at the moment. 
i hope that is ok with everyfurry. the last thing mum wants to do is bore all of you. 
well, mum gave me a bubble bath. can you see the bubbles on my head? 
yep, she will do anything to humiliate me....



Je vois la vie en rose~

i am practicing my beauty techniques, that way i am more than ready when i go out on a date with Leo. i love mums pearls and chanel no. 5--tres chic!!
what do you think? a little more mascara? blush?? 
hummmm--i am afraid to admit that i'll be needing to visit the groomer lady soon....getting a little too furry. i think mum wants to try a new cut on me. i hope it's not all bizarre....i don't want to look silly!!
remember ladies, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!" :)



wordless/lazy monday~

(please excuse the bad phone pic!)



here comes the sun~

oh that little brofur of mine thinks he is so clever.... *rolls eyes*
but he's not! i know he didn't really go help out mum and dad with MUD and i know he was on my blog because i just saw his post (duh). plus, there is dry slobber and white hairs all over the laptop. i guess for now i will let it slide since it looks like most of you enjoyed his shenanigans.
so after taking sid out for "mud" yesterday, mum took me out for our daily stroll. it was a bit sunny so she told me i had to wear a hat and sunscreen:
i do enjoy my little ladybug hat, but i hope i don't look silly....

p.s. Lady Cheyenne passed on a few days ago.
Leo and his family are ok and they thank everyfurry that prayed for them and Lady Cheyenne.
Rest In Peace Lady Cheyenne~


Sid's saturday~

hi theres!
this is sid (at the park) taking over luna's blog for teh day.
but, shhhh--she doesn't knows yet. so don't says anythings! i cans just hear her crying to mum, "why is sid on my blog!? he's gonna get it all hairy and messy with his slobber--wa wa wa wa!!" geez....
dad and mum lefts her at home with my big sister coco (since she can't be running around a lots) to keep her company while we are aways. i tolds luna we were going to get somes, uh, mud--yeah mud! for this hole in the yard. so since she don't like messy stuffs she agreeds to stays home.
so anyways--to the hot, athletic pics of myselfs:
here i is running to get teh ball!
here i is running back w/ teh ball!
here i is reaching for teh ball!!
you know, i amazes myself w/ how handsome i always looks in pictures. :)
ladies eat your heart out. *wink*




(click pic to see bigger version!)
last night, mum and i thought about starting a "what's hot and what's not" post every friday. today will be our first and we hope everyfurry enjoys it. we also hope to do more fun things in the future for friday's--you'll see soon! *wink*
also, mum happen to find a puppy picture of me and my brothers/sisters:
can you guess which one is me??
ps. i have not heard from Leonardo. i really hope he and his family are coping well.
(littleprincessLuna &/or her mum do not own "afro ken".)


award & prayers~

1. Thank the puppy, kitty or person who gave it to you:
i would like to thank my sweet maggie waggie mae for giving me this award! 
but i would also like to thank everyfurry that has added me and stops by everyday to leave wonderful comments--because of all of you, i always strive to make my blog entrys/pictures as fun as possible! :)

2. Share 7 things about yourself:
1. i was rescued by my mum when i was a 4 month old baby. i was very shy and afraid but now i am more confident.
2. i have a pink stroller.
3. i love the colour pink!
4. i didn't use to like toys (they scared me). but now, i love them--especially the ones that rattle.
5. i do not like to get touched by strangers.
6. i always run over to my drawer after mum towel dries me so she can pick out an outfit for me!
7. i like chewing and shredding paper--toilet paper, lined paper, paper towels....you name it.

3*. Pass the award along to 8 bloggers who you have recently discovered and you think are pawsome:
1. The Pibbles&Wees @ kissa-bull 
2. Lorenzita @ El Diario de Lorenza 
4. Puddie Poo @ We 3 Doxies
6. Barneykins&Co. @ The House of Cats
8. My Sweet Maggie Mae @ Maggie Mae Says (link above)

4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.
*please know that i think everyfurry that drops by my blog is great and i changed it from 15 to 8. *wink*
on a sad note--my boyfurend Leo's big sister, Lady Cheyenne, is very ill. he called me last night to let me know that she has a tumor on her spine and can't get up anymore. 
he said the doctor will come by his house sometime today and help her go to sleep to end her pain and suffering....
please pray for Lady Cheyenne, Leo and his family.



La mode est la vie~

i have never received a bad comment on my outfits and i have been asked if i have a personal shopper (of course! it's my mum--hehe). having great fashion sense comes from watching a lot of runway shows, reading a lot about designers and being adventurous with clothes/accessories. thanks to my fashion crazy mum, i love dressing up and am fashion savvy.
i hope to someday go to paris w/ my mum and experience the world of fashion to its fullest!
and remember, if you need barkvice--don't think twice! *wink*
(i study hard to be a fashionista~!)


it's raining~

it's pouring and daddy is really snoring!
i was too, until i heard mums footsteps. i followed her around the house a little and then i went back to bed. i can't resist! daddy keeps the bed so toasty warm! (and i need my beauty sleep--i am a princess after all.)
since it's raining and cloudy and cold, no pics today (well, MAYBE)....
but we will share some from the weekend! does everyfurry remember that embarrassing squirrel incident? well, since i was such a good girl mum gave me a apple&turkey treat and after that--snapped some pictures:
why do parents like the most weirdest pictures??