vet = :( ~

mum and dad took my sister, coco, to the doctor's this afternoon. she has been limping around for a whole day. mum and dad think it's because my little brother might of played too rough with her.
when they came home--they were very sad. dad was sitting on the couch with a towel over his face and mum was pacing back and forth. i'm not sure what is going on, but it looks like my big sister is very sick! mum and dad have to take her to the vet again in a few days so they can take pictures of her left leg. mum said that she might need something called "surgery" to fix her leg, but won't know until her next appointment....
we are all very sad and pray and hope coco's leg can get fixed soon.
keep your paws and fingers crossed for her veryfurry/one!!




last night mum caught me red handed!
i found a string cheese stick in the kitchen and snuck it into my bed. i thought i was clever hiding it under my bed sheet--but nope! mum found it right away (and here i thought i had a better nose!) and she was not happy. i had to sit in the "time out corner".
i told mum i wouldn't do it again, flashed my puppy eyes at her and she forgave me.
i'm just too smooth--hehe.


p.s. did you notice me winking at you?


slobber, snort and fart~

my little brother and big sister in 3 words (post title).

thank you everyfurry that cheered me up with kind words!
i feel much better.
i will try to be patient and wait for prince charming.



el amor~

today i laid around all day....
i didn't eat much or play....
i also learned a new word (or two?): unrequited love.
remember that crush? i talked to my mum about him and showed her his blog.
then she smiled and told me that i should not hope for anything more than friendship with this certain pup pal because he already has a girlfurend. 
boy did that break my little heart!
i can't believe it! my first puppy love had to end like this....
mum says that i shouldn't worry because surely somefurry out there is meant for me.
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo??



dress & meows~

so, mum gave me a bath this morning and it was horrible! i was very sure to let her know i wasn't happy the whole time. i whined and groaned over and over.
she towel dried me, brushed my hair, spritz some perfume on me and then dressed me in my white sundress.
after she bathed me, she took me out for a long stroll and that sure did pep me up.

then mum and dad took me to the store and bought my favorite chewy treats! we also said "hi" to some kitty cats:
mum and dad thought is was really funny how the cats were bigger than me.

it may not sound like i did a lot, but boy am i pooped!
i think it is because i didn't nap all day....
time to catch up in those z's....



hello mr. sun~

i'm so happy to see you come out from all those grumpy clouds!
looks like we're gonna have a sunny, busy, fun weekend.
also, mum and i would like to thank the Pittie Pack (yes, again) for being so wonderful and letting their friends know that my blog exists!! 



go green (pt. 2)~

happy earth day~!!




it's cold, windy, cloudy and more rain is in the forecast.
no afternoon stroll in todays schedule, so mum and i will share another picture from the scarf series (remember mum is a picture nut):
c'est chic~!

mum and i would like to thank everyfurry that is following us and leaving comments everyday--we love reading comments and responding.
yup, check back when you drop us a line because we usually like to leave responses.
and we are almost at 10 fur friends--how exciting!



spring, are you really here?

it doesn't look like it today. spring is supposed to be sunny and warm. but today was cloudy and cold. it's probably going to rain on and off for a couple more days, so no afternoon/morning strolls. :(
"april showers bring may flowers." that's what mum says.
she told me to pep up, but i just feel....
hopefully the sun will shine by thursday.




go green (pt.1)~

mum feels better. so much better that she took me out for a walk this afternoon!
....and took some pictures.
spring is most definitely here! it's about time. mum and i are not very fond of winter--we both get cold easily. now mum and i can practice getting better with posing and pictures.
i'm trying very hard to learn to be a good model and mum is trying very hard to be a creative photographer. we hope you never tire of us for as long as this blog is up.




ah dindin is my most favorite time of the day!
mum knows how to whip up a yummy, warm meal.
yup warm.
i refuse to eat cold food, so mum warms up my wet food and kibble mix in the microwave for 5-10 seconds.
i wait paitently until....



the sun & my scarf~

mum and i would like to thank everyfurry that left nice comments for her recovery!
it's nice to know you all care!!

mum has her voice back but is still feeling under the weather. i have been staying by her side as much as possible. i think petting me makes her feel a little better.
since mum is still feeling blue, we don't have any fresh pictures to share--but luckily mum is a photography nut and when we do go out, she takes A LOT of pictures of me. :)
mum apologizes and promises new pictures as soon as she feels a little better.



i am mighty~

and yet tiny.
mum stayed home today.
she lost her voice!
but luckily i have "minnie mouse ears" (mum calls 'em that) and can still hear her when she whispers to me.



sniffles & kleenex~

looks like mum has caught a bug--that's what dad says. i'm not sure what that means but i do know she is very sad as of late and hasn't been in the mood for taking pictures.
for todays post we shall share another polka dot picture:
get well kisses for mum!!


my sis & bro~

i'm not sure if anyone noticed (aside from Jemma) that on my shopping trip last weekend, mum and dad bought 2 bags of food. one tiny one and one very big one. the big baggy was for my two bully siblings: coco and sid.
mum says that i have to introduce them even though this blog is all about ME ME ME ME. mum says it can't always be just about me and that sharing is caring. i do care for my little brother and big sister so allow me to introduce them:
coco and sid (one brown ear) are american bulldogs. 
coco is a girl and she is 2 yrs old. sid is a boy and he turned 1 yr old this month (april).
they were both adopted--like me!
mum said that she will try to take more pictures of my siblings to show, but i don't know....it's still MY blog.
(i told ya i was a spoiled princess--hehe.)


my pink scarf~

i love my pink scarf because it is so chic and it keeps me warm when i am out on chilly, windy, evening strolls with mum.  
mum is trying really hard to teach me to stay still and pose (VOGUE!) when taking snap shots of me. i'm still a model pup on training wheels and well, mum is no pro either--but she tries. we apologize for blurry, grainy, fuzzy, pictures. mum says my pictures will hopefully be better once she gets her dream camera. but, please know we are trying very hard with what we have at the time. 
we hope you enjoy our past and future posts! :)


morning stroll~

nothing like a sunny morning stroll in shorts!
mum was looking through my clothes and forgot she had bought me these! i didn't even get to blink before i had them on.
(note: pic was taken pre-fur cut.)



lazy sunday~

after a busy, warm, sunny saturday--mum and dad decided today (sunday) would be a lazy/clean up day. plus it was cloudy, rainy and chilly.
dad cleaned the fish tank while mum tidied up the bedroom and i watched over her carefully--sort of:

when mum noticed how sleepy i was getting, she took matters into her hands and tucked me into bed:
i watched her some more and....



here, there, everywhere~

what a day!
mum and dad took me to get a fur cut in the afternoon. if there's something i hate more than getting pet by random people, it's getting a fur cut! the fur cutting lady gave me a bath in smelly bubbly stuff, a pawdicure, cleaned my ears and the worse part was when she smooshed my butt!! why does she need to touch me there? mum says it's ok, but i still hate it. mum also says that princess' need to get their fur trimmed every so often.
my parents picked me up after what seemed like FOREVER and boy was i happy to see them!! i jumped out of the lady's hands and into my mums arms. i hope to not go back for a fur trim in a long time.

after that, we drove around and i wondered where we were off to next:

then i saw a sign with very familiar scribbles:
i was very excited to jump out of dads truck!

but mum carried me instead and set me in a blue cart:

mum and dad bought some food for me, my little brother and big sister. they eat a lot more than i, so their bag is very big:

then we said, "hi" to some fellow fur friends that are looking for mums and dads. i heard mum say that she wanted to take them all home. we hope they will find warm homes soon!

we also said, "hi" to some "wobble wobbles"--or at least that's what mum calls them. dad said they were goldfish. i think mum and dad are both wrong. i think they are "wobblegoldies" because they do wobble and are made of gold. (i think too much--hehe.)
sometimes i am smarter than mum and dad. but don't tell them i said that. :)

it was a fun day but very tiring.
i hope your day was as fabulous!



polka dots & grass~

so, mummy took a very nice picture of me yesterday afternoon and posted it for all my friends to see.
mum has "butter fingers" though and accidentally deleted it this afternoon!
so i asked her to post it again for everyone who missed it:
ahhhh--nothing like cool, soft, green grass on sunny days out.
mum took a few more snap shots of me with this polka dot blouse, but will save them and post them on "wordless" days. :)

i hope you have a great day!



ruff play~

mum says that princess' shouldn't rough play because #1. it makes blurry pictures (and she doesn't have the best of cameras at the moment) and #2. i am a lady and should behave as such.... 
but i don't know--it's so fun:

 hehe--sorry mummy.



wordless tuesday~

(please excuse bad phone picture--but so darn cute! ~luna's mum)



monday stroll~





today i wore my new "louisdog" dress.
i hadn't worn it yet because it had been a little chilly but it was sunny earlier today and it was perfect for easter.
we had guests over.
all the guest noise was making me very nervous and afraid, so my mum took me out for a walk.
and of course she took a picture of me:
i hope everyone had a nice easter~!



saturday walk~

mum and i went on our saturday walk this morning.
i read lots of pee mail and left some of my own as well.
of course mum had to take a corny picture of me by some flowers:
it was bright and i couldn't open my eyes.
why does mum always upload the weird pictures?

mum is a camera freak.
she takes pictures of EVERYTHING.
so i had to keep stopping and looking back to see if she had caught up with me:
maybe i should put a leash on mum so she won't fall behind so much taking pictures?