random pic~

so mum has been rather busy as of late and hasn't taken any pictures of me. but we were looking through old pictures and she found this one:
i think this was right after my 1st visit to the groomer and i wasn't a year old yet.
mum just LOVES this picture of me.




mum got me some cute bunny pj's the other day and i wore them to bed last night.
my goodness were they cozy and warm~!
i love wearing pj's because i get cold easily when i sleep in my bed.
(but when i sneak into mum and dad's big bed while they are fast asleep, i am usually toasty warm.)
thank you mummy~!!



5 more minutes please~!?

yesterday morning, mum thought it would be "cute" to wake me from my beauty sleep....
come on mum--5 more minutes~!!



morning stroll~

i love the weekends because usually mummy and/or daddy take me out for a morning walk.
it was toasty warm last saturday when me and mum went out for a stroll.
we passed by these pretty bright little flowers and mum being MUM got a fancy idea:
i don't like this pictutre of me because i look sleepy (told ya it was sunny)--but my mum and dad think it's "cute".




my mum decided today would be "bath day"! :(
i knew it as soon as i saw her carrying these two familiar, sweet smelling bottles!
i tried to run away but my daddy caught me and bathtime began.
daddy held my hand to calm me down but i just HATE bathtime!!
mummy says that since i am a princess and i am mostly inside the house i HAVE to have bathtime...
but i just really hate it.



random pic~

i swear my mummy is just too random~!

mum says she can't wait to get a better camera.


off to the mall~

i took Luna to the mall a few weekends ago and boy did she love it~!
she didn't have to worry about walking around or getting bumped into because i got her a cute little stroller she can feel safe in. plus being stuffed in a bag can be quite stressful and those 6-7 lbs of fabulous Lunaness eventually start getting heavy. ;)

we got a wide range of reactions from people: adorable, funny, silly and plain weird~!!
any thoughts on doggy strollers??



Day 1~


it is day one for little princess Luna's blog and it looks a little on the "blah" side. but, a lot will be changing and added on here--colours/images. hopefully we can get some fun stuff up on Luna's page soon.

who is Luna? Luna is my little chihuahua/shihtzu mix.
she is 1 year old and living a good life~! (more on her later though!)
i will be posting things up about her days on here--hopefully you will enjoy reading and looking at fun pictures of her.

well, i gotta get her little blog set up. =)

♥miss j