memory lane....~

guess what mum found??
she found this picture our family during the holidays last year:
(mum says to please excuse her "weird, chubby face"; she says it's not one of her best shots.)
i think this is one of my first "photoshoots", bol. last year that man that is holding me came down our chimney and left me, my brofur and sister lotsa pressies!! mum says that if we are good puppies this year, he will be back. i think that so far, so good for me....well, except for that one day i got a time out.


superpup luna v. bobo ~

you challenge me evil bobo? i will defeat you w/ my laser vision!!
hey--dontcha know i'm "superpup"??
you may be quick, but i am the queen princess superpup of the speed of light!!
success! *nom nom nom nom*
note from ms. j: bobo has been a big success since day 1--luna absolutely LOVES her bobo!! :)


goober you say?~

contrary to popular belief, that is not a goober booger in my right nostril, it's yogurt that i have put away for later--bol.


sorta, kinda puddles roast~

puddles duddles rainwaters--what can i say? when i think of hers--my eyes light up and i get a big smiles! she is everything i wants in a girl. she is witty, smarts, nudist, has little nugget feets, big butt, likes beer, looks like a sausage, gots big flippity flops ears and the smiles of a little demon. i know i can counts on her to back me up at a bar fight and  she isn't afraids to get dirty. i know furends have told me to stay aways, thinks about it and really see who hers is. well, i has and i gotta say that i is on this fluffy cloud 9.
someday hers will notice me....
happy birfday hurricane puddles piddles diddles duddles rainwater aka puddie poo from (the most handsome, manliest, smelliest, slobberiest dude) sid, coco and luna!!



(please click to see larger version)
can you tell me why mum keeps calling me "superpup" after our morning walk??

note from ms. j: puddies asked if used photoshop in this picture and i in fact did....NOT. :)
i am proud to say that my little munchkin minnie mouse eared chi was so happy to be out this morning, she was literally jumping in the air like a bunny and running everywhere. i happen to get this lucky shot of her in the air--though it is not as sharp and detailed as i would have liked...but it's cute.


little hot mess~

ms. j: this is luna @ 7AM, waiting to go out in her pjs with goobers in her eyes. 
i wish i looked this cute in the mornings....



i just got some pressies from mum! (she snuck out to petsmart while i was helping dad in the backyard cleaning the pool and cutting the grass--but i forgive her.)
check it out! she got me a bigger toybox because my stuffy/toy collection is growing and it is too big for my small louisdog toy basket:
and guess what else she got me?

a BOBO stuffy in pink!!
i am so happy--thank you mummy!!
note from ms. j: hi furends! as you might have noticed, little mamas luna is preeeetty hairy as of late. she will be seeing the groomer lady soon. VERY SOON. please excuse her extra fluffiness.


Slumber Pawty 2010~

hi furends!
thank you all for being so patient about the slumber pawty. mum feels a bit better and sends everyfurry/one a BIG hug for your kind comments!
before we get started with the pawty, i am so very saddened to say that miss molly won't be with us tonight. she is very sick and needs everyfurrys prayers. i ask you to please leave her mum a comment if you haven't yet--let's let her know how much we love miss molly and want her to get better.
we know this pawty is starting so very late and apologize, but guess what?? mum and daddi says that we don't have to do the "lights out by 11 PM" rule anymore--she is going to let us stay up until 1:30 AM!! but they said to keep it hush hush for your pawrents--heehee.
mum says to please help yourselves to the snack/treat bar:
nom nom nom nom!!
and we will be watching one of my favorite movies:
now, let's see who came to my slumber pawty:
here is my brand new furend chewy--isn't he a cutie patootie??
here is shiver (i will get you a blankie right away)....
and chico--all snuggly wuggly.
shhhh....miss minna and her brofur rooney are already falling asleep--i think they ate too much....
here is her brofur dude....
and her sister ditto--they are enjoying the movie.
OH! we can't forget lucy!!
ah anakin....always stylin'--even at slumber pawtys he looks sharp!
and just look at his sisters izzy and josie! beutimous 24/7.
i got an idea--let's give all the guys a pawdicure w/ that big bucket of pretty nailpolish! *wink*
i say we give bunta some pink nails....or maybe green?
looks like we have some special kittehs in the house: little stella and gus....
their big brofur barney--so adorables by the way....
and virgil in his tuxedo and his legs wide open. ahem....heehee.
but, where is ozy aka ozbella?? i don't see her....but, i do see a familiar tall, dark and handsome newf:
ladies, eat your hearts out. *wink*
but it looks like remicakes has some competition w/ this little stud (elliot)!
hi there dip and bridget--don't forget about the pawdicures!
mil and shelbs--where did you gals get your pjs? at barkingdales?? they are wonderful!!
OMD--BOL!! puddie poos--i see you are too good for my snacks eh? bol--no worries.
asta! i am loving your pjs too--ooooh did you bring some toys??
zoooona--zona! wake up wake up--it's still early! grab a boy and paint his nails. heehee.
awww sallie--are you all tuckered out? where's your boyfurend indiana and his brofurs and sister??
oh! there he is!
and here is molly.
indi and his brofur....
and his other brofur--indiana moves quick.
ms. m and mr. b--i was wondering where you were. please, don't be shy about the snack bar.
my most beautimous furends miss bella and miss maggie "wiggle butts" mae are enjoying the movie.
is that pipkins? or just another adorable stuffy?? or maybe george clooney????
here are some more new furends: wyatt and stanzie
kendra, bella and daisy--how kind of you to bring some more treats!
jacob and dory, you made it from your backyard?! YAY!
oooops! asa? did i wake you? i'm sorry.
bookie! you are looking sharp as well--did you take some fashion tips from anakin??
fwanky is keeping an eye out for his two wienerful brides, penny and ruby. he is making sure that puddles doesn't mix anything in their juicy juices.
hola lorenza! you made it from mexico safely!!
it looks like everyfurry is here--did i miss anyone????
now the party can really begin--let's party 'til the sun comes up furends!!!!