the sun & my scarf~

mum and i would like to thank everyfurry that left nice comments for her recovery!
it's nice to know you all care!!

mum has her voice back but is still feeling under the weather. i have been staying by her side as much as possible. i think petting me makes her feel a little better.
since mum is still feeling blue, we don't have any fresh pictures to share--but luckily mum is a photography nut and when we do go out, she takes A LOT of pictures of me. :)
mum apologizes and promises new pictures as soon as she feels a little better.



Lorenza said...

I know you are doing a great job making your mom feel better day by day!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Draco and his Mom said...

Hi Luna....thanks for stopping by my place. I want to be friends with you. I hope your Mom is feeling better. You can help her with lots of kisses.