saturday walk~

mum and i went on our saturday walk this morning.
i read lots of pee mail and left some of my own as well.
of course mum had to take a corny picture of me by some flowers:
it was bright and i couldn't open my eyes.
why does mum always upload the weird pictures?

mum is a camera freak.
she takes pictures of EVERYTHING.
so i had to keep stopping and looking back to see if she had caught up with me:
maybe i should put a leash on mum so she won't fall behind so much taking pictures?



Lorenza said...

Hola Luna!
Salir a pasear es algo que yo adoro y espero cada dia... pero... pero... yo tengo que salir con mi correa... no como tu que estas libre de ella!
No sabes como que gustaria correr y correr libre! Algun dia! Hmm...
Espero que estes teniendo un muy bonito fin de semana!

Jemma and Tofu said...

We both have camera freak moms! It gets very annoying.

Life With Dogs said...