slobber, snort and fart~

my little brother and big sister in 3 words (post title).

thank you everyfurry that cheered me up with kind words!
i feel much better.
i will try to be patient and wait for prince charming.



kissa-bull said...

tehee hee that should be our theme song . . .
boy we love seeing those big squichy faces i guess good looks run in the familish right wittle luna love

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

3 doxies said...

My goodness what a handsome brudder and pretty little sissy you haves. They is very much beautimous!
Have patience little furiend. We will finds you a beaufuriend.

Remington said...

Nice to meet your brother and sister....I told my brother about you....he's a really nice guy....

Peggy said...

Gracias por la visita, nos seguimos leyendo... Peggy

K9friend said...

That's the spirit!