here, there, everywhere~

what a day!
mum and dad took me to get a fur cut in the afternoon. if there's something i hate more than getting pet by random people, it's getting a fur cut! the fur cutting lady gave me a bath in smelly bubbly stuff, a pawdicure, cleaned my ears and the worse part was when she smooshed my butt!! why does she need to touch me there? mum says it's ok, but i still hate it. mum also says that princess' need to get their fur trimmed every so often.
my parents picked me up after what seemed like FOREVER and boy was i happy to see them!! i jumped out of the lady's hands and into my mums arms. i hope to not go back for a fur trim in a long time.

after that, we drove around and i wondered where we were off to next:

then i saw a sign with very familiar scribbles:
i was very excited to jump out of dads truck!

but mum carried me instead and set me in a blue cart:

mum and dad bought some food for me, my little brother and big sister. they eat a lot more than i, so their bag is very big:

then we said, "hi" to some fellow fur friends that are looking for mums and dads. i heard mum say that she wanted to take them all home. we hope they will find warm homes soon!

we also said, "hi" to some "wobble wobbles"--or at least that's what mum calls them. dad said they were goldfish. i think mum and dad are both wrong. i think they are "wobblegoldies" because they do wobble and are made of gold. (i think too much--hehe.)
sometimes i am smarter than mum and dad. but don't tell them i said that. :)

it was a fun day but very tiring.
i hope your day was as fabulous!



Toby said...

Luna, seems like you had quite a busy day too!! You're looking really preeeety after your spa visit. I have to get a spa treatment every 5 weeks so I know how you feel. I don't like it but I try my best to humor the humans.

Did you get any other goodies at the store?


Lorenza said...

Hi, Luna!
I don't need haircuts but I have to go to see my Vet every month for that pawdicure and butticure too! Not funny!
And you were very lucky after that going to Petsmart! I wish I had at least one of those stores here!
Kisses and hugs

Jemma the Chihuahua said...

Luna, did we miss something? I don't recall you ever mentioning you have a big brother and sister! You HAVE to introduce them to us soon!

Luna said...

@ tobester: for this trip all we got was food. but dad promised clothes and toys next time~! :)

@ lorenza: maybe we can take you to petsmart one day?? :D

@ jemma: yes yes--i have two bully siblings. i shall ask mum to introduce them sometime soon~! :)