el amor~

today i laid around all day....
i didn't eat much or play....
i also learned a new word (or two?): unrequited love.
remember that crush? i talked to my mum about him and showed her his blog.
then she smiled and told me that i should not hope for anything more than friendship with this certain pup pal because he already has a girlfurend. 
boy did that break my little heart!
i can't believe it! my first puppy love had to end like this....
mum says that i shouldn't worry because surely somefurry out there is meant for me.
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo??



Life With Dogs said...

With a steamy bed pic like that, you're bound to find a suitor. I'd keep an eye on the comments! :)

Debbie said...

How comfortable your bed looks - love your little toy too. Unrequited love is always a challenge.



You are way too pretty not to find you another fella. Best to move on and just be friends. I know some little long dogs would just go crazy for you.

Love the white sundress!!


3 doxies said...

Miss Luna...I know you is heartbroken but don't fret your Mr. All That is out theres. Now's that I thinks bout it...I think, maybe I knows somebuddy...I'll be back later.

Remington said...

Miss Luna you are the prettiest gal around. You never know when Mr. Right will just show up....I'm just sayin'....

kissa-bull said...

oh miss luna maybe it was not meant to be most first cruses are'nt and thats ok cause now your a single gal weady for some fun times. maybe you can have single girls nights out wiff our shister lucky and her furryend coco rue who are also looking for their prince charming what do you think??

sweet pibble kisses to you
the pittie pack

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Luna, we bet there are plenty of dog boys out there that already have crushes on you! Heck, we are kitties and even we know what a cutie you are! Don't worry - you will have tons of boyfriends, that is for sure!

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Oh Luna, a cutie such as yourself will be surrounded by suitors in no time. I'm sure of it!

Cloud, Dr. of Love

Remington said...

Miss Luna, why I think I am blushing....I didn't know you liked me....sorry but I have a girlfriend right now....I do have a really cool brother named Leo! He doesn't have a blog but I can tell him about you. You let me know.... You still are a cutie!

Peggy said...

Just stopping by to say hi. My mom and I are happy to find your blog. I have a blog too about my chi live, this is the address


By for now. Peggy and Mhathy
PS: I'll follow your blog from now.

Leo and mom said...

Hi Luna,
I'm Leo, Remington's brother. He said I needed to check out your blog and that you were looking for a special friend. I too am looking, so maybe we can chat and see where things go. I'm not as athletic as Remington, but am a great hunter, ball chaser and love to play with my boy, Connor. My favorite is "chase Connor around the dining room table". If you'd like to contact me you can use my mom's e-mail address. She checks it often.
Bye for now and hope to hear from you soon

Lorenza said...

Hi, Luna!
Oh-oh! Don't worry! I am sure you will find Mr Right soon!
Kisses and hugs

ps My verification word is "flechazo"!
Haaaaa! Cupido is around you!

Draco and his Mom said...

Hi sweet Luna, you know what they say.."Love will find you when you are not looking" I am certain the right bowzer will come along.

Leo and mom said...

Good Morning Luna,
I think my Mom forgot to leave you our e-mail address. it is jaktobin@msn.com I sure hope to hear from you soon. I'm all excited about the thought of finding that special someone (besides my Mom).
Hope you have an awesome day.
Leonardo (it sounds more grown up than just Leo!)